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Grooming Services

Bath and Brush

Price Varies depending on breed and coat type

This is our most basic service, perfect for any pet, big or small! Includes bath, dry, nail trim, detangling and brush out, sanitary clip, pad scooping, ear cleaning and complimentary bow or bandana. 

Bath and Trim

Price Varies depending on breed and  coat type

This service is great for pets that don't need length off their entire body - think of it as a touch up or maintence for your pets coat! Includes everthing listed in the basic bath service plus cleaning up around the face, trimming around the paws, sanitary clip and a little off the tummy.

Full Groom

Price varies depending on breed and coat type

This includes everything in a bath and trim service plus an all over haircut of your choice. When you come in for your pet's grooming appointment, our skilled pet stylists will discuss with you what kind of haircut you have in mind, so that we can find what works for you and your furry friend!

Walk-in Hours

Every Thursday 4-6pm

Anal Glands:  $20

Eye & Bang Trim:  $10

Foot Works (includes nail trim, pads scooped and hair around paws trimmed):  $40*

Nail Trim:  $20

Nail Trim with File:  $25

Sanitary Trim:  $15

FreshBreath Teeth Brushing: $15

Bathing Process

For all our baths we use a tearless, gentle, yet deep cleaning shampoo that will leave your pet looking and smelling great.  Additional shampoos and coat treatments can be found on our Spa page. Anal glands are expressed upon request but are included in the price of the service along with toe nail trims. 

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